Gnathos Radiology

Dr. Tiernan and Dr. Payne have joined to form Gnathos Radiology.  They have acquired an E-Woo CBCT digital x-ray machine, including Anatomage software, capable of taking panorex’s, ceph’s and cone beam tomograms.  If your patient requires a pano, ceph or conebeam it is not necessary to schedule a consultation or to schedule treatment in our office.  Simply fill out the online referral form and we will take the appropriate images and forward them to your office, either through the mail or by email.  If you require a radiologist report, let us know and we will be happy to forward the CBCT to Beam Readers and acquire a report to address your specific concerns and forward the report and images to you.  If you have any questions regarding our services, please call the office at 707-546-4727.