Bone and Tissue Grafts

In dentistry, the primary indication for bone grafting has been the restoration or augmentation of the jawbone for implant placement. Over a period of time, the bone associated with missing or extracted teeth shrinks or atrophies resulting in a situation where there is inadequate quality or quantity of bone in which to place a dental implant.

We now have the opportunity “add” bone to increase the width and height of the area in which we wish to place the implants. In some cases this can be done at the same time as the tooth extraction. In other cases the grafting needs to be done secondarily to the extraction process particularly when the tooth has been missing for a long period of time.

Dr. Tiernan utilizes a combination of sterile cadaveric bone, cortical plates, Alloderm soft tissue graft material, and PRP (platelet rich plasma) to accomplish this dependant on the severity of bone loss. As each case is individual, Dr. Tiernan will review your procedure with you at your consultation.