Post Surgery

Post Operative Care Instructions

Following surgery, bleeding is normal for up to 24 hours. You may be numb for up to 18 hours following surgery. This is normal. Gauze will be placed at the surgery site before you leave the office and should be left in for the first hour. You may then change the gauze every hour using […]

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Pain Management

CHILDREN AND ADULTS OVER 55 WILL TAKE HALF OF RECOMMENDED ADULT DOSAGES. *If a history of ulcers or allergy to ibuprofen/Advil exists, DO NOT TAKE. Consult with Dr. Tiernan. Following surgery you will be given a prescription for pain medication to help control any post operative discomfort you may experience. We also have pain medications […]

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Implant Post-Operation

Following your implant surgery, the area of surgery may be covered by periodontal packing, a pink “silly putty” material that should stay in place until your next appointment. ┬áThis material will harden in two to three hours after placement. ┬áDo not be concerned if little pieces start chipping off before your follow-up appointment, this is […]

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